Minimalism. Neutrality. Functionality.
The three core concepts used to lay foundation to Warping Theories
Fusing the two independent streetwear labels, ‘Warp’ by Kuship Parmar and ‘Pro-Anti Theory’ by Urvash Parmar, the brand was founded in 2021 as the designers came together on a shared vision of bringing the unconventional and exploring the unventured side of streetwear in the Indian fashion arena.
Conceptualising neutrals as being accepted both as a statement, as well as an accessory to it, Warping Theories speaks through simple silhouettes and detailing as it advocates a sense of timelessness, making them a staple for every season.
A brand that imbibes in its identity, versatility and nuance, tied together with a string of evergreen ideas, Warping Theories, just like its designers, boasts of a paradoxical play of evolution and eternity.
As a pioneer in its sphere of Indian streetwear, the brand carries within its very fabric, an unorthodox take and brings a new dawn to the Indian fashion scene, defying all societal structures and setbacks.
Built on this institution, we bring you, Warping Theories.